Wendy W.
Claudia has been my masseuse for at least 2 years now, typically every 2 weeks or so. First she has is a genuine care for her clients, and a commitment to knowing what is best. I would say she has a healer way of being as she does massage. She takes into account the kind of pressure I do best with, and will go deeper where we know I hold knots of tension. The office she uses is serene and so cozy. I would recommend her without hesitation.
Nihal Kaur
Claudia always gives me phenomenal massages. Recently neck was hurting, and without giving her any details she worked on the exact spot within the first few minutes of the massage. To say she's intuitive seems like an understatement. Maybe she's psychic? I'm glad I splurged for the hot stone and hot towel addition - it was completely worth it. Overall the massages she gives are balanced, therapeutic, and deeply nourishing experiences - every time. It's super helpful she works on weekends, because it's hard for me to get away for a massage on the week days.
Mary Doyle
Peaceful, serene and relaxing! That sums up my massage with Claudia. My arthritis is acting up and my neck has been giving me so much trouble. After my deep tissue massage I have so much more movement in my neck! I feel so much better - thank you!
Juliette Goetz Vesely
It was a cold winter day the day I saw Claudia and I was feeling quite stressed out. However, the minute I walked into her lovely message studio, I felt myself relax. Claudia greeted me warmly, there was a fire going in the fireplace, and there was beautiful music playing. The message was a wonderful combination of being soothing and also deep enough to loosen my tight muscles. Claudia intuitively found the areas that needed the most work and was successful in releasing them. We had a great conversation for some of my message but at other times when I did not want to speak, Claudia followed my lead and we were quiet. I left Claudia’s studio feel much calmer and more integrated in body. I recommend Claudia and Wholeness Massage very highly!
Katalina Hoehn
I had a fabulous massage with Claudia. She is professional and very experienced. She offers a variety of modalities depending on your needs. I love the warm towels. A wonderful nurturing experience.
Cindie Ambar
OMG, I had the most blissful massage yesterday! Claudia is awesome and I feel amazing. Her hands seem to know exactly how to move and where to go to release tension. One of the best things about working with Claudia is that she is such a pure hearted and compassionate person that you feel safe and nurtured when you are with her. Her studio is also very large and spacious and absolutely beautiful place to be nurtured in! I highly recommend working with her! Cindie Ambar, Aptos, CA
Hamburg Harms
Great Professional Massage